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Cigweld Weldskill 185 180amp 3 in 1 Inverter Welder - 10amp Plug with Bonus WeldSkill Auto-Darkening Helmet

BONUS Cigweld WeldSkill Auto-Darkening Helmet – Carbon Fibre (454314). Promotion ends 28th February 2019.

The WeldSkill 185 is a self-contained single phase welding inverter, capable of performing MIG (FCAW/GMAW), Stick (MMAW) and Lift TIG (GTAW) welding processes. This unit is compact, portable, and simple to use, making the ideal welder for those who want to do light fabrication, maintenance and repairs or DIY projects, without compromising on quality or safety. Ready to plug & play, the WeldSkill 185 is fitted with a 10Amp plug, so you can plug in and weld – anytime, anywhere.


  • Integrated Wire Feed Unit Spools up to 5kg or 200mm
  • Digital Amperage and Voltage Meters
  • Euro Torch Connection
  • Adjustable Burnback Control Used to adjust the amount of MIG wire that protrudes from the MIG torch after the completion of MIG welding
  • Suitable for Gas and Gasless wire
  • Arc Control (Inductance)
  • DC Lift TIG function: This unit features a Lift TIG function that provides smooth starting and running characteristics across a broad range of applications
  • Standards compliant Voltage Reduction Device
  • Over Temperature Cut Out Protection has been fitted to power source
  • Enclosure rated to IP21S


  • Power Source Dimensions: 371mm x 205mm x 478mm
  • Power Source Weight: 13.7kg
  • Cooling: Fan cooled
  • Welder Type: MIG, STICK, LIFT TIG Inverter Power Source
  • Duty Cycle, MIG (GMAW), 40ºC, 10 min: 185 A @10%, 23.3 V
  • Duty Cycle, STICK (MMAW), 40ºC, 10 min: 160 A @ 10%, 26.4 V
  • Duty Cycle, TIG (GTAW), 40ºC, 10 min: 160 A @ 20%, 16.4 V
  • Standards: AS 60974.1-2006 / IEC 60974-1
  • Number of Phases: Single phase
  • Nominal Supply Voltage: 240V AC +/- 15%
  • Nominal Supply Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Nominal DC Open Circuit Voltage (MIG Weld Mode): 69V
  • Factory Fitted Supply Plug Rating; 10Amps
  • Open Circuit Voltage (VRD On) Stick Weld Mode: <35V
  • Effective Input Current (I1eff ): 10Amps
  • Minimum Generator Requirement: 10kVa at 0.8PF

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