Credit Reporting Policy

Adelaide Tools Credit Reporting Policy


1. Bunnings Group Limited (trading as Adelaide Tools) (Adelaide Tools) is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information, including your credit information (as defined below).
2. Your credit information is personal information and all of the provisions of our Privacy Policy apply to your credit information, except as otherwise expressly set out in this policy.
3. This policy sets out obligations that apply to Adelaide Tools in relation to your credit information, in addition to the obligations that apply to that credit information under our Privacy Policy. This policy and our Privacy Policy is available on our websites at  You should read our Privacy Policy together with this policy.
4. We may provide more details to you on how we will collect, hold, use and disclose your credit information when we collect any of that information from you.
Collection of information
5. Adelaide Tools may collect various types of credit-related information about you, that is, personal information collected in connection with a credit application or a credit facility (all of which is referred to as credit information in this policy), including:

a)    name (including any former names), gender, date of birth and age;

b)    identification information, including signature and driver’s license number;

c)     contact details, including personal and business addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers;

d)    your employment details, including details of former employers;

e)    details of the applicant entity’s assets, income and expenditure;

f)      records of any credit provider asking a credit reporting body for information about you in relation to any credit application, including the type and amount of credit applied for;

g)    details included in any application for credit made by you to Adelaide Tools or any other credit provider at any time;

h)    that Bunnings and/or any other credit provider may, are or have been a provider of credit to you and the type, characteristics, maximum amount, duration and other terms of credit that may, is being or has been provided to you;

i)      details of your credit payment information, including details of any payments in relation to any credit which are not made by you when due (including in your capacity as a guarantor) and, if any such payment is eventually made after the due date, details of the date of payment;

j)      whether in Adelaide Tools’ or another credit provider's opinion you have committed a serious credit infringement (for example, if Adelaide Tools or the other credit provider reasonably believes there has been any fraud related to a credit provided to you or if Adelaide Tools or the other credit provider has, in certain circumstances, been unable to contact you after a default has occurred in your credit payments);

k)     information regarding court proceedings related to your credit, your personal insolvency information and any other credit-related publicly available information relating to you; and

l)      credit scores, ratings, summaries, evaluations and other information relating to your credit-worthiness which is derived by Adelaide Tools or its agents or by credit reporting bodies.

6. In addition to the ways in which we may collect credit information about you that are set out in Adelaide Tools’ Privacy Policy, we may collect credit information about you:

a)    from you personally or from any person authorised to act on your behalf or authorised to provide your credit information to Adelaide Tools (such as on applications or other forms);

b)    from your co-credit applicants and from your guarantors or proposed guarantors;

c)     from your accountant or referees that you nominate;

d)    from credit reporting bodies and from other credit providers;

e)    from publicly available sources, including from Australian Government agencies such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, internet search platforms and social media platforms;

f)      by deriving this information from your dealings with Adelaide Tools; and

g)    from service providers that assist Adelaide Tools to provide credit or administer the credit accounts that we provide, including commercial information service providers, credit application assessors, debt collectors and lawyers.


Use and disclosure of credit information
7. We may use and disclose credit information, subject to applicable legal restrictions on using this type of information for those purposes. We may also use and disclose credit information held about you as follows:

a)    to form decisions as to whether to provide you, or any entity associated with you, with credit, to accept you as a guarantor or to provide credit to a person or entity for which you might act as a guarantor;

b)    to make assessments relating to your credit-worthiness which are used in Adelaide Tools’ ongoing decision-making processes regarding the provision of credit and the amount of such credit;

c)     to participate in the credit reporting system and to provide information to credit reporting bodies in certain circumstances, including where you consent to the disclosure, where you fail to meet payment obligations in relation to credit provided by Adelaide Tools or if in Adelaide Tools’ opinion you have committed a serious credit infringement (for example, if Adelaide Tools reasonably believes there has been any fraud related to a credit provided to you or if Adelaide Tools has, in certain circumstances, been unable to contact you after a default has occurred in your credit payments);

d)    to assist you or any of your associated entities to avoid defaulting on credit-related obligations owed to Adelaide Tools or to other credit providers;

e)    to undertake debt recovery and enforcement activities, including in relation to guarantors, and to deal with serious credit infringements related to credit provided by Adelaide Tools;

f)      to deal with complaints and meet legal and regulatory requirements; and

g)    where permitted in accordance with applicable privacy regulation, to assist other credit providers to do any of the above.

8. Credit reporting bodies are able, under applicable privacy regulation, to handle personal information relating to credit. If Adelaide Tools provides your credit information to any credit reporting body, that credit reporting body may include your credit information in reports provided to other credit providers to assist such other credit providers to assess your credit-worthiness. Some of your credit information that we provide to a credit reporting body or bodies may reflect adversely on your credit-worthiness and this may negatively impact your ability to obtain credit from other credit providers.
9. Adelaide Tools may share credit information with the following credit reporting bodies:

Equifax Pty Ltd

Level 15,100 Arthur Street

North Sydney  NSW  2060

Telephone: 1300 762 207



Illion Australia and New Zealand Pty Ltd

Ground floor

479 St Kilda Road

Melbourne  VIC  3004

Telephone: 1300 734 806



Creditworks Australia Pty Ltd

Suite 1218, 100 Walker Street

North Sydney NSW 2060

Telephone: 02 8188 2363


For details on how these credit reporting bodies manage personal information, including your credit information, please see their privacy statements which are available on the websites listed above.

10. If you believe on reasonable grounds that you have been or are likely to be the victim of fraud, you may request any Australian based credit reporting body not to use or disclose your personal information for a period of time. Again, in the case of credit reporting bodies that Adelaide Tools shares credit information with, you are able to request this by contacting them using the details set out above.
11. Adelaide Tools restricts access to such credit information to the information that is necessary for specific functions.
Access to, and correction of, credit information
12. You have the right under applicable Australian privacy legislation to request access to, and correction of, credit information about you held by Adelaide Tools, at no cost to you. Requests should be made as set out under the heading “How to contact Adelaide Tools” below.
13. Adelaide Tools may require you to verify your identity at the time you request access to, or correction of, your credit information so that we can ensure your credit information is disclosed only to you.
14. Adelaide Tools will respond to any requests for access or correction within a reasonable time, but in any event by no later than 30 days after the date you make the request.
15. If Adelaide Tools refuses to provide you with access to the credit information held about you, or if Adelaide Tools refuses to correct that information, we will provide reasons for such refusal. If you object to the refusal, you may make a complaint in the manner indicated under the heading “Questions and complaints” below.
16. If you request Adelaide Tools to provide you with any of your credit information that we have obtained from a credit reporting body, or which is based on such credit information, we may suggest that you also ask that credit reporting body what information it holds about you.
Questions and complaints
17. If you have a question or complaint about this policy, Adelaide Tools’ collection of your credit information or the way in which Adelaide Tools deals with your credit information, this should be directed to Adelaide Tools’ Privacy Officer at the contact details set out under the heading “How to contact Adelaide Tools” below.
18. We will promptly investigate any complaint you make to us and attempt to resolve that complaint. If you are not satisfied with Adelaide Tools’ resolution of your complaint, or if we do not respond to you with a resolution of your complaint within 30 days of the date you make the complaint, then you may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner to resolve that complaint:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner


Phone:  1300 363 992


How to contact Adelaide Tools
19. You can contact us in writing or by email as set out below:

Adelaide Tools’ Privacy Officer

175 Railway Terrace 
Mile End, SA, 5035


Changes to this policy
20. Adelaide Tools may update this policy from time to time.  We may let you know of significant changes to this policy by posting a notification on our website.  The current version of this policy will always be available on our website.