Empire 120mm True Blue™ Hi-Vis Laser Etched Mini Speed Square - E2991M

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Designed in Australia and made in the USA, the Empire True Blue 120mm Hi-Vis Laser-Etched Mini Rafter Square is most commonly used to measure and mark perfect 45° & 90° lines. From framing posts to floorboards, it’s long enough to cast across the full width of frequently used timbers. Best of all, it fits comfortably in your pocket or toolbelt. Made from a durable anodized aluminium that's more durable than diecast, it won't rust or corrode after exposure to the harsh job site elements. it features permanent laser etched markings which are twice as accurate as a stamped square for superior accuracy and readability in any light condition. True precision metric markings in 1mm increments on both sides and a pivot point for measuring and marking angles from 0-90 degrees. Featuring SCRIBE-GUIDE™ in 5mm increments, allowing users to make perfectly uniform strait markings along the length of a material. It features a Quick Reference Heel, which was designed to allow users to make fast, 5, 10 & 20mm markings.


  • Length: 120mm
  • Material: Anondised Aluminium
  • Unit of Measurement: Metric
  • SCRIBE-GUIDE™ Increments: 5mm

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