Makita SDS PLUS Type Shank Rotary Hammer Drill Bit Range

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Makita's Performance SDS plus drill bits have a 2-cutter, dynamic, chisel-shaped drill bit head. The patented 45 degree rebar chamfers ensure low vibrations and optimum drilling performance.

Makita's Elite Nemesis SDS plus drill bits have a one piece solid carbide head which offers the perfect solution to the toughest drilling conditions. Suitable for drilling into reinforced concrete and the hardest of natural stone. These bits will drill up to 50% more holes than normal rotary hammer drill bits. Long life, and less vibration.
The Head:
A one piece, solid carbide, 4-cutter head offers the perfect solution to the toughest drilling conditions. The 90 degree symmetry ensures even drilling and greatly reduces the possibility of seizing on contact with reinforcing steel. The carbide tip is embedded directly into the drill core and fused to ensure maximum bonding between the surfaces. This results in a very strong bond and a high resistance to torsional forces.

The Flute:
The symmetrical four-fluted spiral ensures drilling loads are evenly distributed down the length of the drill shaft. As a result, drilling combines low vibration with high efficiency which remains constant throughout the lifetime of the drill.

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